The answer to the question “Why the Gala?” is very simple: It’s for the kids! Could there be a better way to spend your money?

A common goal amongst parents, the community, Harborfields Administration and Staff, and the BOE, is answering the question: “How do we educate our children to make them college and career ready in the 21st century?” The large part of that answer is through the adoption of school budgets that provide a meaningful and relevant education, but yet are also fiscally responsible to taxpayers.

Sometimes… that’s simply just not enough.

These days the popular phrase “doing more with less” is a positive and sound philosophy that implies that being more efficient will bring more production… the reality is, however, that this can’t be applied to all education goals, simply because there are so many unfunded NYS mandates that must be included in school budgets resulting in less resources and money to support other educational enhancements.

The Harborfields School District is proud to constantly innovate in the classroom, nourish the emotional development of thousands of children, implement new programs and teaching techniques- truly, the list goes on and on. Funding these efforts is critical to the lifelong success of the children educated in the Harborfields School District.

For years the PTAs and HACEF had been separately fundraising to support various district initiatives.  Two years ago they realized that by combining their talents, experience and shared passion for children, while also working in partnership with the community, they could have a greater and more meaningful impact, accomplish even greater fundraising goals- and have a lot of fun while doing it!  The end result was a smashing success! And that is why we are doing it again!

Please welcome back the “2019 HACEF Mardi Gras Gala!”

Monies raised from this year’s gala will be donated to the district to support, Innovation, Technology, and the Arts.

So please join us!! We promise the ultimate party, not to be missed!